Isaac Walters graduated with a BA in theatre from BYU in 1997, an MFA in directing from Columbia University in 2001, and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008.  He has spent his entire career in higher education, first at IU in South Bend, IN and then at Utah Valley University since 2008.
Because of his interest in providing better choices on the ballot for voters, Isaac has volunteered as the campaign manager in two house legislative races and a mayoral race.   He has also volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), looking out for the best interest of children in the court and foster systems.
Isaac is committed to making Utah the best possible place to raise families and for all people to live.   This includes improving our education system, managing growth throughout the state in such a way that continues to attract world class businesses while improving the quality of life for all residents, and improving the cultural landscape.
 Isaac married Kate Brenchley Walters in Provo in 2012.  Together they have four children ranging in age from 21 down to 10.  Their fifth child was still-born this past November. They currently live in Lehi where they are active in their neighborhood choir.  Isaac loves movies, bonsai, good barbeque, and is deeply passionate about the power of the live performing arts.